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Guangdong Chaoan Dongcheng Ceramics Industrial Co., Ltd. was found in 1995, it is a modern large scale enterprise specializing in the production, development and innovation of sanitary ware and its related ancillary products. Its production base covers an area of more than 50,000 square meters, two 60 cube meters point-point computer controlled shuttle kilns have a strong capabilities of producing more than 850,000 sets of products annually. Its products have been well exported to UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Ireland, South Africa, the United States, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, Singapore and other countries.
Adhering to the nearly one thousand years of ceramic technology in Chaozhou (Chaoan) which is praises as “Ceramics Capital of China”, Dongcheng is striding into the world with a long history and culture combines with modern high-tech production technology. With a business principle of “Advance with times, Independent innovation, Good faith and Mutual benefit” Dongcheng wins public recognition and support. Also with pursues of leading industry research and development technology, better manufacturing processes, and exquisite designs and superior products, Dongchengtook the lead in researching and developing the integrated production of color ceramic glazes and succeeded. Now the color ceramics sanitary ware have become a symbol of Doncgheng·Baijia, added a bright color to the beautiful city of “Ceramics Capital of China”.
Dongcheng·Baijia is a high-quality brand that built during the past ten years and more. It has become an excellent brand of the Chinese Nation with its remarkable quality and excellent service. Under the National Standard GP-6952and ISO 9001:2000Doncgheng·Baijia has awarded honors as Top 10 Leading Enterprise in Chinese National Sanitary WareTop 10 Chinese Sanitary Ware BrandGuandong Province Famous Brand Guandong Province Adopting International Standard Products Marking CertificateChina Certificate for water Conservation Products,Chinese Green Environment Protection Products, etc.

Now, Doncgheng·Baijia has established a marketing network all over China, through its modern service system that composed by production base, store, or agents, directly sales department, after sales service center, providing consumers with comprehensive and meticulous service.

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